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The Free Share Icon was created to be a freely usable icon that represents the sharing of content. The goal is to encourage everyone to settle on a single symbol that is universally recognizable and that can be used without copyright restrictions.

There are 2 version to choose from.

[Dev] [White] [Black]
[Dev] [White] [Black]

Right click on the image or link and "Save As" to save the SVG image to your browser.

The dev (development) version is made with solid shapes suitable for manipulation. The white and black version has been converted to paths and has a transparent background suitable for webpages.

The icons are also available on Wikimedia Commons (1, 2).


The icon depicts one person on the left talking to the person on the right. The person on the left is facing the person on the right. The person on the right is facing the audience and has a large smile on it's face. The figures are on a green background with a white foreground. There are no borders around the icon, so the implementation is free to crop the image at whatever boundary is appropriate.

The image strives to impart the meaning of wanting to eagerly share information, rather than be an abstract symbol whose meaning needs to be learned. The smile, the talking directly into one's ear, the eyes wide open, the face to face conversation, are universally understood concepts.

The icon is created with elementary vector shapes (circles, ovals and triangles) ensuring easy adaption and portability across environments.

No Rights Reserved

The Free Share Icon is distributed under the Creative Common's No Rights Reserved (CC0) license.


  1. You can copy, modify and distribute the icon however you want
  2. No attribution and no permission is required
  3. This icon is provided as is with no warranties
  4. The green color is NOT required

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Free Share Icon

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